homeAccept our invitation to South Moravia! Long sunny spring and summer days can be exchanged here for pleasant evenings in one of our many cool wine cellars.

Expeditions to monuments such as the famous Slavonic settlement in Mikulčice or characteristic folk architecture can be completed by trips through the typical lowland nature. And all of it you can do on foot or even better by riding a bicycle through the new network of cycle tracks. The fl at but not drab scenery with occasional undemanding camber consisting of a mosaic of fields, meadows, vineyards and framed by the water flow is just made perfectly to fit.

What will defi nitely surprise you in Podluží and Hodonínsko, located in the southeast corner of the Czech Republic, is the hospitality of local people. They are still willing to help anyone who just needs it. Perhaps their good will still refers to their strong beliefs, perhaps it is the part of their unchangeable traditions, or perhaps it has been here always. You can admire a distinctive uncle, returning with a hoe over his shoulder from the field or vineyard, and aunts dressed in regional garb heading to the church. It looks like you are back in time for a moment, with no hustle and bustle. Let this atmosphere of the south of Slovacko appeal to you. It has benefi cial infl uence and it‘s free.

It would be of course a mistake to think that South Slovácko is a backward province. They just try to find a compromise between past and present. There is almost everything in populated villages and towns that the man of the 21st century needs for active and passive relaxation. From diverse cultural facilities, a dense road and rail network, an internet connection in the newly built swimming pools--which you will appreciate in the local warm climate, and the spa programs in Hodonin. You will definately not get bored. So don´t hesitate and visit!